Twitter Bookmarklet and Tweet This Page Link

Update Sept 7, 2010: Since Twitter has recently discontinued "Basic Auth" for the Twitter API, the Twitter Bookmarklet has been update to use "OAuth". This means that the first time you use the new version, you will be asked to click the "Signin with Twitter" button to authorize Moopz. You only have to do this once, and future tweets will be the same as before (without the popup login dialog, as its not needed any more).

I recently went looking for a bookmarklet that I could use to quickly post a link of the page I was reader to Twitter. There are several bookmarklets for Twitter, but none that were exactly what I was looking for. I wanted some quick and easy, with support for automated short URLs, and with a look and feel like Twitter itself. So I created one that does just this:

Click Here to Try it Now

To use the Twitter Bookmarklet, just drag the following link to the bookmarks toolbar in your browser:

Tweet This Page

If you want to use this as a link on your site or blog, copy the HTML below.

The bookmarklet works by sending the tweet directly to, so you account information never gets sent to Moopz or any other 3rd party. The first tweet you send will result in a prompt for your Twitter user and password, which gets sent directly to Twitter. After that, tweets can be sent with a single click. (Note: a future version of the Twitter Bookmarklet may use the new OAuth features of the Twitter API).

I have tested this and it works well with Firefox (both Mac and Windows), Chrome, and Safari. There are current issues with Internet Explorer (big surprise) so for now the script with detect IE users and send them to the Twitter home page with a pre-populated status message including the short URL.

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