Twitter Fan Box

The Twitter Fan Box works just like the popular Facebook Fan Box, with a few small differences.

Powered by Twitter Fan Box

Whereas the Facebook Fan Box displays a random list of 10 users, the Twitter Fan Box always displays the 10 most recent followers. This encourages people to follow you, since their Twitter profile will be featured in your Fan Box (until 10 more people follow you).

The other key benefit of the Twitter Fan Box is that visitors to your web site can follow you without ever leaving your web site. When someone clicks the "Follow" button, a popup appears for them to login to their Twitter account or authorize Twitter Fan Box (this uses Twitter's "OAuth" feature, meaning they enter their password only on Twitter's web site). Once authorized, the popup closes and the Fan Box updates to show their Twitter profile image in the box.

Twitter Fan Box is a great way to increase your Twitter follower count without sending visitors away from your web site.

Get Twitter Fan Box

Copy this code for Twitter user :

To get the code for Twitter Fan Box, follow Mark Carey (@mthacks) using the Twitter Fan Box above. You will be returned here and then refresh this page and the Fan Box code will be displayed, customized for your Twitter username.

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